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New Year's Package in Farmhouse

Vegetarian and Vegan menu

The cost is per person - Minimum stay 2 nights.
FROM 29/12 TO 1/01
3 nights / 2 dinners + New Year's Eve and Brunch
4 days half board


FROM 30/12 TO 1/01
2 nights / 1 dinner + New Year's Eve and Brunch
3 days half board


During the stay these activities will be carried out:
29/12: projection of a docufilm on sustainability
30/12: Oil tasting

12/31: Introduction to YOUseful with McGyver
New Year's Eve with music
1/01: Forest walk with brunch with the farmer's basket.

Ecosustainable relaxation

The PeR farmhouse is located in the green Umbrian hills, between Amelia and Todi. In a rural area far from industries and mass tourism.

Immersed in the largest European holm oak , PeR is an earthquake-proof construction with a low environmental impact and completely self-sufficient.

If you want to live an eco-friendly experience without sacrificing comfort, PeR is the right place.



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