Ecosustainable Farmhouse: relaxation with respect for nature

Eco-friendly Farmhouse

Relax with respect for nature

We often think of the latest energy technologies, but it all starts with the oldest of human technologies to produce calories, agriculture.

The PeR Agritourism was born from the idea of ​​Alessandro, Maria Chiara and Maurizio, who after years of passionate reading on the theme of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, have chosen to pass from words to deeds.

In the distant '99 they bought an abandoned land in the heart of Umbria, at 575 m of altitude, to give life, with commitment and constancy, to their idea of ​​ecological system.

A dip in the green

Surrounded by a thick vegetation of green trees, stands the modern swimming pool.

Powered by renewable sources, born of a light but solid structure
without the aid of cement and water.

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine

The PeR is also a 4-hectare farm,
the Slow Food Presidium of the Fava Cottora dell'Amerino.

Over 50% of the food served comes from our production,
and the rest from regional crops, not more than 40 km away.

All the ingredients are organic, coming from ancient cultivations,
free of pesticides and fertilizers, accompanied by local wines.


Todaythe PeR is a welcoming, comfortable and fully self-sufficient farmhouse.. An earthquake-proof construction with low environmental impact, with the aim of making you live a relaxing experience discovering renewable energy.

Meeting and Conference Room

Our farmhouse is also equipped with a conference hall and a meeting room, warm and welcoming colors.

We strongly believe in dialogue, which together with the desire for communication,
This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to tackle the PeR adventure.

In an era of experiential solitude and dialogical superficiality,
our desire is to create a concrete meeting place and cultural exchange.


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